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Officer meetings are held weekly on Wednesday at 5pm. Community members are welcome to attend meetings. All present members have a vote on issues discussed in the meeting.

Minutes can be found at Meeting Minutes.

Questions, comments and complaints should be directed at any one of the officers, or at our email address: ieee@mtu.edu

Current Officers

Current Officers
President Chrissy Kaub
Vice President Julian Gabriel
Treasurer Joshua Gobrogge
Lab Manager Joshua Gobrogge
Secretary Matt Degroot
Sysadmin Mark Furland

Past Officers

  • Joe Halford [Treasurer]
  • Derek Brewer [President]
  • Mark Furland [Lab Manager/Sysadmin]
  • Chrissy Kaub [Vice President]
  • Matt Gardeski [Vice President]
  • Corey Abate [PR]
  • Matt Mason [Lab Manager]
  • Lee Anderson [Lab Manager]
  • Branden Ghena [Treasurer '09 - '11]
  • Andrew Mauragis [Secretary '09 - '10]
  • Evan Allen [President]
  • Clayton Doyle [Vice President]
  • Charlie Rysenga [Lab Manager]
  • Mike Williams [Project Manager]
  • Jon Parker [Wiki Admin]
  • Kevin Nelson [Old Fart]
  • Zach Tubbs [President in the deep past]