Long Range RC Controller

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The goal of this project was to create an RX/TX pair that would expand the range of our current RC equipment. The first phase only transmits the data read from a normal RC controller and decodes it into a PWM signal. This item will be used with the lab Quadcopter and other potential RC projects.

Project Phases

Prototype Build

The goal of the first phase was to have a working RX/TX backpack that would be a drop in replacement for existing RC equipment. The system is working well, but some configuration is needed, such as the servo ranges.

Project Status: Completed

Future Work

Look into other data framing methods. Possibly implement MAVLink to allow compatibility with UAV software. Add telemetry data packets and other commands to the unit.

Parts List

  • 2 Arduino Pro Minis
  • 2 Digi XTend 900MHz radio modems

Build Log

An initial prototype was constructed with parts that were available inside the lab.

File:Rxtx prototype.jpg
The initial prototype long range RX/TX pair

After a stable proof of concept was created additional microcontrollers (Arduino Pro Minis) were ordered and integrated into the build.

File:Rxtx prototype2.jpg
The second prototype long range RX/TX pair

A simple case was designed using OpenSCAD and printed on a Prusa I2 3D printer that is in the lab.

File:Rxtx print case.jpg
Printing a case for the prototype long range TX

The case fit well enough and the final prototype was assembled for use.

File:Rxtx prototype done.jpg
The completed prototype long range RX/TX pair


Their is a github site with all of the work on it. The site is located at RXTX